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CIRCA 20:22

Agnes Denes, Another Confrontation

1-31 May

BROADCASTING GLOBALLY, MAY 2022 – Forty years since pioneering environmental artist Agnes Denes (b.1931) first sowed the seeds of her prophetic public artwork Wheatfield – A Confrontation (May 1982),  transforming the land that became New York’s Battery Park City into a two-acre wheat field, CIRCA presents ‘Another Confrontation’. With this new commission, Denes transforms Piccadilly Lights and other major screens around the world into platforms for change. Featuring three new video works alongside a specially created interactive AR wheat field on Instagram, Denes alerts audiences once again to the planet’s continuing humanitarian and environmental challenges.


Denes, whose work is currently on view in The Milk of Dreams, the main exhibition at the 2022 Venice Biennale, rose to international attention in the 1960s and 1970s, creating work influenced by science, mathematics, philosophy, linguistics, ecology, and psychology to analyse, document, and ultimately aid humanity. Her theories about climate change and life in an ever-changing, technologically-driven world demonstrate a deeply prescient understanding of society today.

Another Confrontation traverses over 1000 years of humanity (1982-3022) to debut a series of videos created by the artist for CIRCA alongside a questionnaire highlighting Denes’s focus on ecology, her fear of our present environment’s decay and hope for future survival in the following three acts:

PAST: Wheatfield–A Confrontation, 1982 (1-10 May)

An act of protest, Denes planted an expansive wheat field in a landfill in lower Manhattan in 1982, two blocks from Wall Street and the World Trade Center and facing the Statue of Liberty, as a comment on the mismanagement of world hunger, food, waste, energy, commerce, trade, land use, and economics.

PRESENT: Tree MountainA Living Time Capsule (11-20 May)

The man-made mountain was conceived by Denes in 1982. Measuring 420 meters long, 270 meters wide, 38 meters high, it was planted with 11,000 trees by 11,000 people from all across the globe at the Pinzio gravel pits near Ylojarvi, Finland in 1996. A living time capsule, the land upon which Tree Mountain is planted cannot be touched for 400 years.

FUTURE: 2022 Questionnaire and Time Capsule (21-31 May)

A new global survey inviting the public to answer 11 questions set by Denes concerning humanity in the year 2022. Submitted responses will be buried in a time capsule to be opened in the year 3022, a thousand years from now. Click here to view the Questionnaire.

“Agnes Denes is a pioneer who alerted the world to humanitarian and environmental issues when very few people were paying attention.” said Josef O’Connor, Artistic Director of CIRCA. “Pushing boundaries once again, we are honored to be marking the 40th anniversary of Wheatfield–A Confrontation with Another Confrontation, combining video with augmented reality to present her timely message on a global stage and introduce her prophetic legacy to a new generation.”

CIRCA and Piccadilly Lights have commissioned an AR wheat field to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Denes’s best known public artwork Wheatfield—A Confrontation. Expanding the experience into mobile devices, a special collaboration with Meta Open Arts has enabled the development of an AR-generated wheat field by AR Outdoor Media Company, Darabase, with the advanced camera filter enabling global Instagram users to tap and grow their very own augmented wheat field.

Another Confrontation by Agnes Denes
1 – 31 May, CIRCA 20:22

20:22 GMT ➳ London, Piccadilly Lights

20:22 CET ➳ Berlin, Limes, Kurfürstendamm

20:22 PST ➳ Los Angeles, Pendry West Hollywood

20:22 ACT ➳ Melbourne, Fed Square

20:22 CET ➳ Milan, Cadorna Square, EssilorLuxottica

20:22 EST ➳ New York, Luxottica, Times Square

20:22 KST ➳ Seoul, COEX K-Pop Square

Screen locations

London ➳ 20:22 GMT, Piccadilly Lights

Berlin ➳ 20:22 CET, Kurfürstendamm

Melbourne ➳ 20:22 ACT, Fed Square

Milan ➳ 20:22 CET, Cadorna Square

New York ➳ 20:22 EST, Times Square

Los Angeles ➳ 20:24 PST, Pendry West Hollywood

Seoul ➳ 20:22 KST, COEX K-Pop Square



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