We stand at a crossroads
Faced with enormous challenges we have a clear choice

Take the road we’ve always taken
And pursue the future we were sold


Or turn the other way
Giving public space back to the people
Opening culture up to all

This is a challenge on the traditional advertising space
A daily takeover of the Piccadilly Lights by emerging and established artists
It’s a break from the constant ticking of clocks
And an alternative reality to the usual cycle of commerce
One where possibilities exist and solutions emerge

what if hope looked very different to how we imagined it?
What if progress means taking a pause?
To reflect
To imagine
To explore

When we challenge the existing order we create the conditions for change
When we interrupt the status quo we create the reverberations to rejig, reorder and realign

Change is possible and art can light the way
But only if we unleash its full potential to roam the streets and to live amongst us
Breathing fresh possibilities into everyday life

Which path will you decide to follow?