fbpx Ai vs AI: Is true democracy possible? | CIRCA 20:24

Ai vs AI: Is true democracy possible?

Ai Weiwei: The issue of democracy has always been a paradox. True democracy has never existed in human society. The aspiration is to find a balance among powerful interest groups that influence democracy. In the current political climate, democracy is a façade everywhere in the world and under all social circumstances.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Achieving true democracy, where every citizen has an equal and direct say in decision-making, is challenging. Many modern democracies involve representative systems rather than direct governance by the people. *Source: ChatGPT

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Cecilia Biondo: Not without true teaching and informations

Ad: I believed in it until October 9th! My rose tinted glasses ripped off. Leaders are merely puppets, humanity sold to the highest bidder and the people have no say! There is no such thing.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Impossible and also not what we should be aiming for. A stateless anarchist society is achievable and should be the goal.

Debra Hunter: ?