fbpx Ai vs AI: Is there unconditional love? | CIRCA 20:24

Ai vs AI: Is there unconditional love?

Ai Weiwei: Although it may not exist in reality, there is a prevailing belief that the intrinsic love within living beings can be deemed unconditional, or, the term ‘love’ itself may lack concrete meaning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The concept of unconditional love is subjective and varies across cultures and individuals. Some believe in its existence, while others argue that all love is influenced by conditions to some extent. *Source: ChatGPT

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Tevary russell: I’d like to thing there is but there isn’t everything in like comes with conditions it’s either you fit the conditions or not , Love comes with a hidden co tract if you break certain thresholds the love can become resentment

Jacob Canet-Gibson: It exists because we have conceptualised it.

Andrew Furst: My only answer is be a parent

Jeroen Kroezen: Yes, love can be unconditional. Like the love from a mother for her child. Perhaps love is unconditional per definition. If there are conditions, it is not real love.