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Ai vs AI: Can you keep secrets?

Ai Weiwei: If we were to ask individuals or nations whether they can keep secrets, the response, I believe, would be affirmative. The act of keeping secrets generally involves safeguarding specific gains. It is only when these gains cease to exist that the concept of secret-keeping loses its relevance. In the case of AI, lacking consciousness, it also lacks the capacity for moral choices related to secret-keeping.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): I, as a machine learning model, do not have the capacity to keep secrets. I don’t store personal data from one interaction to the next. *Source: ChatGPT

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Antonio Pastore: Yes

Cecilia Biondo: Yes I can, especially when it's very important I do

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Yes

Anita Schillhorn: I can keep secrets - my own secrets I store deep inside and only sometimes they are clear enough even to me to articulate in words. I can keep others' secrets but sometimes my excitement gets the better of me.