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Yoko Ono is an artist, musician, and activist. Born in Tokyo, 1933, Ono was the first woman admitted to the philosophy program at Gakushuin University, Tokyo, where she studied before moving to New York in 1953. By 1960 Ono had become a vital part of the New York avant-garde and the international Fluxus movements. Her boundary-pushing early works include the pioneering feminist performance work Cut Piece, and her book of collected conceptual instructions, Grapefruit, both 1964. By 1968, Ono began collaborating in art, music, and peace activism with her partner and husband John Lennon. As a singer and songwriter, Ono has released fourteen studio albums and eight collaborative albums, including the 1981 Grammy award winning Album of the Year, Double Fantasy. Ono’s artworks and films are widely exhibited internationally and are included numerous prestigious museum and private collections. In 2009 she was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement from the Venice Biennale. Yoko Ono currently lives and works in New York City.


Circa Commissions

#CIRCAECONOMY: United Nations

The art sector’s benefits are often intangible and can go unseen by contemporary society. CIRCA (Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Arts) challenges this by helping to give back through funds generated by their #CIRCAECONOMY initiative.

This is an incredibly challenging time for the arts, with public funds being divested away from institutions and public faith. The #CIRCAECONOMY endeavours to lead by example and show how art can affect change. In light of this, today marks a milestone in CIRCA history as their founder, Josef O’Connor, takes to the stage at the United Nations (UN) headquarters in New York to speak at the High-Level Pledging Event (HLPE) for the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) of 2023. This invitation to speak comes after CIRCA donated £300,000 to UN CERF following their collaboration with Yoko Ono and Serpentine back in March 2022, making them the second largest private donor after TikTok.