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Ai vs AI: Is Edward Snowden guilty?

Ai Weiwei: Edward Snowden is an American prisoner of conscience, driven by his inner sense of justice to expose government actions. What he did does not make him a criminal. The real wrongdoing lies with those prosecuting him.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Edward Snowden is a controversial figure. Some view him as a whistleblower exposing government surveillance abuses, while others see him as a traitor. Whether he is legally guilty depends on one’s perspective and the legal jurisdiction. *Source: ChatGPT

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David Sherman: guilty...of trying to save democracy

Natalia Gracheva: Edward Snowden is a human that truly with himself and other people

Trixi: No, the System is guilty

Bea: No, the System is guilty

Flavio: Edward snowden cannot be guilty. If freedom and goodness find their apex expanding others freedom and security, even by putting ourselves on thread, edward snowden becomes the nowadays prometheus, giving us freedom by reducing his personal liberty.

Christina Kyriakidou: There are plenty of great examples throughout history proving that legality does not equal morality and vice versa.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Snowden is not a criminal.

Debra Hunter: Not Guilty