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Ai vs AI: Do plants have feelings?

Ai Weiwei: All life forms have feelings, I think.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Plants do not have feelings in the same way animals or humans do. While they respond to stimuli, it is not indicative of emotions. The debate on plant sentience is ongoing in scientific and philosophical circles. *Source: ChatGPT

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Lauren Goshinski: Inhabiting this planet for something like 700 million years starting with fungi - plants sense, respond, and communicate with one another across vast networks. They may even engage in this with humans, but we are unable to pick up on it, or understand their “feelings” it in a way that doesn’t center ourselves and our own limitations. Yea, Plants have feelings.

Jelena Kosele: I agree that all living things have feelings, even plants. All living things respond to love, kindness and affection. Plants usually die in bad, callous and cruel people.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Yes