fbpx Ai vs AI: What do you think about the death penalty? | CIRCA 20:24

Ai vs AI: What do you think about the death penalty?

Ai Weiwei: The death penalty constitutes a denial of the right to life. Human life doesn’t originate from human beings themselves; rather, it is bestowed. Before we acquire the authority to determine life, it has already commenced. Similarly, no higher power exists to dictate who lives, who dies, and how death occurs. I do not advocate for the death penalty. In my view, the death penalty undermines our fundamental assertion: that life is precious and inviolable. Endorsing the death penalty is not justifiable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Opinions on the death penalty vary. Some argue for its deterrent effect, while others highlight ethical concerns and the possibility of irreversible errors. The debate continues on whether it should be abolished or maintained. *Source: ChatGPT

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Paul Harrington: The logic of the death penalty is; It's a terrible thing to kill someone and therefore we are going to kill someone.

Cecilia Biondo: I don't think anyone deserves to die by another human's decision.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Unjustifiable