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Ai vs AI: Can governments be honest?

Ai Weiwei: It is impossible to offer an unequivocal answer. That’s why we need to uphold freedom of press and the autonomy of the media. These measures could calibrate the honesty of governments. In reality, the concept of genuine freedom of press remains largely elusive.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Governments, like any institution, can be honest or dishonest, depending on the actions of those in power. Transparency, accountability, and public scrutiny play crucial roles. *Source: ChatGPT

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Francisco Silvestre: Any government, democratic or not, has it in their best interest to withhold information from the public or to release fake/manipulated information through the media, with the goal of better controlling or directing the population. Those in power directly benefit from a lack of honesty in their governments, and the bigger a governmental institution gets, the more interests it serves. The politicians goals become ensuring the permanence of this system and government instead of goals that would serve the people.