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CIRCA 20:22

Marina Abramović, The Hero

13 June - 31 August

(London, Piccadilly Circus)  7 June 2022 – Marina Abramović leads an unprecedented three-month CIRCA presentation of The Hero, a global call for courageous new heroes at a pivotal moment in our collective history. Set against today’s backdrop of global instability, rising tensions and climate breakdown, the figure of a steadfast woman astride a white horse holds symbolic charge on a world stage dominated by masculine power and escalating conflict. 

Instigating an extended three-month pause throughout June, July and August, broadcasting across the CIRCA network of screens (London, Seoul, Milan, Berlin, New York and Los Angeles), Abramović invites a global audience to consider and assume new definitions of heroism.

Marina Abramović says: Our planet needs uncorrupted heroes with morality, who embody courage and bring real change. Every day in this world is a shaky, uncertain, constantly changing landscape. For CIRCA 2022, we have this white horse. This white flag. This beautiful land. We need heroes that can bring new light to illuminate us. Heroes that can inspire us to be better, and to work together, not against each other. Heroes who care.

One of Abramović’s most personal and autobiographical works made after the death of her father, who was a national hero, The Hero was originally recorded in the summer of 2001, a few weeks before the events of 9/11 shook the world and shaped the reality of the coming generation. Like Rhythm 0 (1974) and The Artist Is Present (2010), The Hero emphasises the aspect of stillness and endurance that runs like a thread through much of her work. Transcending time in a rallying, durational display from one of the world’s greatest living artists, Abramović questions whether heroism survives, and what shape or form it takes today.

In recognition of this pivotal moment, Abramović has penned The Heroes’ Manifesto, echoing her 2011 An Artist’s Life Manifesto, yet rewritten to reflect today’s urgent need for heroism over artistry. This new call to arms explores the importance to the hero’s journey of solitude, forgiveness, and recognition of one’s own mortality:


Heroes should not lie to themselves or others

Heroes should not make themselves into an idol 

Heroes should look deep inside themselves for inspiration 

The deeper they look inside themselves, the more universal they become 

Heroes are universe 

Heroes are universe 

Heroes are universe 

Heroes create their own symbols 

Symbols are the Heroes’ language 

The language must then be translated

Sometimes it is difficult to find the key 

Heroes have to understand silence 

Heroes have to create a space for silence to enter their soul 

Silence is like an island in the middle of a turbulent ocean 

Heroes must make time for the long periods of solitude 

Solitude is extremely important 

Away from home 

Away from family 

Away from friends  

Heroes should have more and more of less and less 

Heroes should have friends that lift their spirit

Heroes have to learn to forgive 

Heroes have to learn to forgive 

Heroes have to learn to forgive

Heroes have to be aware of their own mortality 

For the Heroes, it is not only important how they live their life but also how they die 

Heroes should die consciously, without anger, without fear 

Heroes should die consciously, without anger, without fear 

Heroes should die consciously, without anger, without fear

Screen locations

20:22 GMT London, Piccadilly Lights

20:22 CET Berlin, Limes, Kurfürstendamm

20:22 CET Milan, Cadorna Square, EssilorLuxottica

20:22 EST New York, Times Square,  EssilorLuxottica

20:22 PST Los Angeles, Pendry West Hollywood

20:22 KST Seoul, COEX K-Pop Square

Hourly JST Tokyo, Shibuya Crossing