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Ai vs AI: Will capitalism have an end?

Ai Weiwei: Contemporary capitalism, as observed today, represents a political construct within society. It originates from human development and is a byproduct of relatively unrestricted human progress. The conclusion of capitalism is not subject to individual determination; rather, it is an inevitable outcome of the collective trajectory of humanity toward either prosperity or extinction. This outcome is intricately linked to the destiny of humankind. It does not entail a predetermined result, akin to the uncertainty faced by human beings regarding their ultimate fate – though the prospects seem unfavorable.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The future of capitalism is uncertain. Some argue it may evolve or face significant reforms, while others believe in alternative economic systems. The outcome will depend on societal choices and developments. *Source: ChatGPT

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Coutant: Capitalism is a side of mercantilism, so as a nuance it will die but something else will appear.

Helena Sahm: Capitalism will never end because of an inherent human trait in always wanting more through gaining monetary wealth which brings power and influence. Therefore, our fundamental social system which is controlled by the rich and powerful will always be founded on a capitalist construct.

Bea: I don't think capitalism will die because it is the glue in the global political and economic power structure.

Luísa Mota: I don’t think so - capitalism is here to stay but with variations. As a millennial I see my generation and the ones following as quite entrepreneurial and business-oriented, but I strongly believe that we are the rise for the social entrepreneur. More ethics, more transparency creating business that directly addresses the social and ecological problems in the world. More ethical, more transparent, win win and of course, fair wages. Make way for the social entrepreneurs!

Cecilia Biondo: Most likely capitalism will end us.

Olwen Coughlan: of course. when we end. I think we will give it(capatilism) one last massive push to sell and capitilise on all things green and then we will head into mad max territory. i keep bees and see different forms of economy/governence etc going on in different colonies. i am not sure if they are aware of imminent global collapse. I think they are, if they do know, I am not sure if one colony has a better overall survival strategy than the other, But I think Hive 5 is looking likely. but yes as with all things ending on this planet we will defo have a hand in ending capitalism.

Hans Gatt: No, because it is in our genes.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: There was a time before capitalism and, for the planet to survive, their must be a time after it. Breaking free from Capitalist Realism and then permanently dismantling Capitalism is the most important thing we can do as species right now.

Tom Walker: Capitalism has already ended. It has been replaced with the cult of the free market. The alternative would have been the unacceptable development of the social individual through abundant free time filled with art and science. Capitalism was prone to crises of overproduction. The cult of the free market thrives on crises, which present opportunities for consolidation facilitated by central banks. The cult of the free market fosters nostalgia for a mythical capitalism in which everyone could pull themselves up by their bootstraps and marry the boss's daughter. Now that it is dead, Capitalism has become God.

Jack: You guys oughta read Kropotkin... another world is possible!