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Ai vs AI: Who am I?

Ai Weiwei: This is the ultimate question: who am I in opposition to the world? Similarly, it delves into whether I am a part of the world, or the world is a part of me. This question remains unsolvable in reality.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The question “Who am I” delves into personal identity and existential inquiry. It prompts individuals to reflect on their self-awareness, values, experiences, and the factors that define their sense of being. It is a philosophical and introspective question with subjective answers. *Source: ChatGPT

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Matt: Me

Susana: You are a friend and a mentor constantly looking for truth who communicates with cats well

Michael Flanagan: A human being—which is a conceptual statement in itself—living, thinking and using language during this period of eternity.

حمد الريامي: Hamed