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Ai vs AI: Love or hate, which lasts longer?

Ai Weiwei: Love and hate are not a pair of strictly opposing antonyms. Love inherently includes elements of hate, just as hate includes the absence of love. The coexistence of love and hate represents a phenomenon akin to a return to zero.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The duration of love or hate is subjective and depends on the individuals involved. Both emotions can persist over time, but their longevity varies based on circumstances. *Source: ChatGPT

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John: <3

Melisa: Absence of love is synonymous with ignorance. Understanding or acceptance is the absence of hate. Understanding tends to endure longer than unattentiveness & while duration may vary, likelihood of hate diminishing overtime is higher.

soheil Seraji: waiting, waiting, waiting... love taught me wait? or wait taught me love? *** (persian:) ،انتظار ،انتظار ...انتظار انتظار عشق را به من آموخت؟ یا عشق انتظار را؟

Trixi: Clearly love, love never dies. Even when we hate, it is in the smallest part of you, and unfolds its new power as soon as the hate is extinguished.

Olwen coughlan: Love is eternal. Passed on generation after generation. Love is endless. Hate is transitional It can rise up suddenly but will subside once memory of wrong doing has faded. On occasion it can carry through generations. Hate has the capacity to end all time and that is why we must love, for eternity depends on it.

Tevary russell: Love is the ultimate power of the universe , not only here on earth but In the Sun and other celestial bodies Hate is a figment of pain here on earth and will live as long as we do

Christina Kyriakidou: Definitely love. Love transcends time, space and matter. Most of us still love our loved ones who are no longer amongst the living. But when it comes to hate, this rarely is the case. Most times, hate will either turn into guilt, pity, indifference or oblivion, after a hated person passes away.

Jacob Canet-Gibson: They both will last for as some form of conscious is able to perceive them.

Samuel Alejandro Sarracino: Hate is a destructive force with a negative valence. So it can tend to consume the people who experience it. On the other hand, love can bear fruit that transcends beyond the person who experiences it, tending to grow and multiply.

Andrew Furst: Love and hate. These are two very special human expressions of our inner dialog. They manifest in useful behavior: Love leads to sexual love which leads to new humans; something which is both satisfying and a function of our genome's primary directive to replicate. Hate also has useful purpose. It serves to protect our worldview and our clan - those most closely related to us genetically. As inherited "instincts" they are well known to us and have the illusion of permanence, but like all emotions and thoughts, they come in short bursts in response to our immediate environment. I find that as time goes by within relationships based on love, the frequency of feeling strong feelings of love decrease dramatically, and only resurface in response to a threat to the relationship. Hate, can vary, based on the fragility of your world view (all of them are fragile to one degree or another). When circumstances or people frequently challenge your world view, hate can come and go very frequently. But when your world view is either resilient or flexible enough, hate is less likely to arise. My conclusion is that hate can last longer when you have a particularly fragile and vulnerable world view.