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Ai vs AI: Can education be harmful?

Ai Weiwei: In the prevalent understanding, education is perceived as a catalyst for cultivating socially acceptable behaviors within human society. Yet, mainstream education, frequently guided by specific purposes and pragmatic goals, has metamorphosed into a detriment to humanity. It subverts the innate yearning for freedom and hampers the development of human essence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): While education is generally beneficial, it can be harmful if it perpetuates biases, promotes misinformation, or is used to indoctrinate rather than foster critical thinking and open-mindedness. *Source: ChatGPT

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Cecilia Biondo: Yes if it's not done right, altho it's impossible to define an universal definition of right and wrong.

Kavin Ravi: Question #15: Can education be harmful? Answer: Of course it can. Education as a concept is a crucial tool in learning to mend many of the issues born of ignorance in our society, such as wealth inequality, racism, sexism, class privilege, and the slew of other issues that have and will continue to plague us. However, education in terms of the currently established educational system and education as a concept are two very different things. The educational system itself, for one, can smother creativity and independent thinking due to its rigid, uncompromising structure. Additionally, many forms of higher education are dependent on financial privilege which oftentimes tie into some of the other aforementioned forms of equality education can be used to solve. That isn’t to say that even the concept of education doesn’t have its flaws. One such flaw is definitely that it can encourage selective bias since we as humans tend to prefer facts and information that supports or condones our current circumstances or lifestyles.

Jenny Price: What is a school? If aliens looked at earth and perceived a school, what might they think it was? If there could only be one thing taught at schools what might that be? What could there be instead of schools?

Jacob Canet-Gibson: Only when subverted, in which case it is not education.