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The Cultural Institute of Radical Contemporary Arts (CIRCA) commissions new ideas from emerging and established artists.



1-31 January, CIRCA 2022

Alejandra Ghersi Rodríguez (born 1989) known professionally as Arca, is one of the most prolific and visionary artists of her generation. She has released eight studio albums, including Arca (2017), and the Kick quintet, starting with Kick (2020). She has contributed production work to artists such as Björk, Kanye West, FKA twigs and Kelela. Arca’s fluency in different media is defined by the limitless growth of her practice from a musician, producer and performer to a truly multi-disciplinary artist. 

Blurring the line between art and technology for CIRCA 2022, Arca trained an algorithm with 31 images of her mixed media paintings, allowing these material real-world artworks to transcend the physical realm to debut her emergence as a visual artist on the global stage.

“I hope you are compelled by these interpolated paintings of mine to take a moment and let the visual ASMR produce pleasure, allow for a moment of respite and solace, the experience of warped beauty.”