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Part I: John Lydon “Anger Is An Energy” (NGR IZ N NRG), (2021), Music: Casino by The Notwist

"After a lecture in Manchester last year I was asked about the place of anger in my practice. I quickly realized that it is often an important motivation, and when I began this group of works I thought about John Lydon’s lyric and the title of his most recent memoir, “Anger Is An Energy.” He opens the book with a discusion of the conception and production of P.I.L.’s song “Rise,” where that phrase is part of its chorus, I chose the text deliberately considering Lydon’s turn to the right as a fan of Donald Trump, and the embrace of “disruptive” social and discursive tactics by numerous contemporary right-wing politicians. When considering music for the video, The Notwist’s song ‘Casino” ultimately came to mind as a contrasting look at the contradictions of creative practice today, and The Notwist’s own history as a hardcore punk band." - Tony Cokes, 2021

The Notwist have always been pioneering their own sound, walking a trail of songs across genres toward something definitively new and distinctly them. Yet the German born band are never running ‘from’ their previous creations rather ‘toward’ the next, and in doing so have crafted a series of personal yet impeccable records that warmly thread together the far corners of independent music. Simply speaking, the Notwist make this careful and banging, private yet pop, post-everything music, for the movie going on inside you.

The band's lead singer and guitarist Markus Acher tells us more about their track Casino, featured on their 2014 album Close to the Glass, and used by Tony Cokes for his CIRCA commission Anger Is An Energy:

"Casino tells the story of a couple, I saw standing in the door of a casino close to where I live. They seemed to spend all of their time there. Drunk and proud and fragile. A sad and beautiful couple, somehow. The music was an instrumental composition by our drummer Andi, for Piano and Vibraphone, that Martin remixed to a quite different song, and I found a melody and chords for it. And in the end, we didn’t like the electronic feel of it anymore and recorded it stripped down to voice and guitar and a few sounds." - 24th February, 2014

Question 5: Hans Ulrich Obrist x Tony Cokes discuss Part I (Week 1: 1-7 February): John Lydon “Anger Is An Energy” (NGR IZ N NRG). Music: Casino by The Notwist.

Hans Ulrich Obrist (b. 1968 in Zurich, CH) is Artistic Director of the Serpentine Galleries, London. Prior to this, he was the Curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Since his first show “World Soup” (The Kitchen Show) in 1991 he has curated more than 300 shows. In 2011 Obrist received the CCS Bard Award for Curatorial Excellence, and in 2015 he was awarded the International Folkwang Prize for his commitment to the arts. Obrist has lectured internationally at academic and art institutions, and is contributing editor to several magazines and journals. His recent publications include “Conversations in Mexico”, “Ways of Curating”, “The Age of Earthquakes” with Douglas Coupland and Shumon Basar, and “Lives of The Artists, Lives of The Architects”.